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released August 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Booster Mostyn Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Bleed
Im so tired of society
All they ever do is step on me
Now im on the ground, just trying to get up
Theres so much more of me I have to give
Plus I've only begun to live
I hope the worlds ready for me to speak up
I.... I, I, I..am so ready to take over the world
And I...I I I, never thought I'd be ready
So lets Take this thing for a whirl

I can fly to the top of a mountain
Stand on the floor of the sea
Once I start the pushing
It's impossible to stop me
I can sore through the clouds in the blue sky
My wings are spreading free
Potentials rushing through my veins
And I can't wait to Bleed!

They always told me what I couldn't do.
And part of me used to think that it was true.
Til I started trying and started saying no
No to the man they said I had to be
Because I would never get close to my peak
And now it's my passion that gets to show
Track Name: Saved
As we cry on the shoulders of our ancestors
We find reasons to fight and argue everyday
We never see the real purpose in living
So we only exist for a day
Theres got to to be more
Just show me the door
Create in me a new heart
Just give me a new start

Somebody send a plane
No shackles but im a slave
My souls trapped on a island
How can I be saved
I tried my own lifeboat
I tried my own way
Submerge me in water
Take my stains away

Stay on the shore
The burning waves are rolling
Lost souls reaching for forgiveness
Drowning fast, for absence of the Holy
I close my eyes, and pray for new beginnings
Stepping back as the slave ship approaches
What must I do to make sure im not seen
I need a savior, at this very moment.
So the the shadows cant take ownership of me..

He died
He rose
Ascended above the clouds for those
That believe
That believe